Alfatron WP8



Alfatron WP8

The ALF-WP8 is a 8 button Wall Control Panel. Every button is programmable and works either individually or together. The WP8 has built in programmable, 3x RS232, 1x RS485, 3x Infrared & 2x Relay, and 1x mini USB for programming.

It can fully control our Alfatron products, as well as third party devices such as projectors, projector screens, and displays,  It is an easy-to-use control device for presentation showrooms, classrooms, and boardrooms.


Every button can be programmed to send the bi-direction RS232 and RS485 commands simultaneously to control third-party devices.

Every button can be programmed to send the infrared code, control the relay, to let them work simultaneously to control the third party devices.

Every button is built in the infrared code and RS232 code learning function, and baud-rate setting.

ID looping function. 99pcs WP8 Keypads can be looped and controlled together, by ID identifying.

Programmed by USB or RS232, working with the PC software (PS-WP).

Crystal and backlit buttons with easy user-friendly customizable changeable labels.

The backlit brightness is controllable.

Dimension: 11.4cm long and 7cm wide