Alfatron WMP4



The Alfatron WMP4 is a wireless microphone system with a controller and four 2.4GHz wireless microphones. The controller can be connected to an amplifier or powered speakers. It has a USB connection to connect to conferencing software like Teams and Zoom and a Wireless handheld microphone input.

The system features intelligent digital audio processing with dynamic noise reduction, 384ms acoustic echo cancellation for full-duplex voice calls, 360° Omni-directional audio pickup from the microphones. The pickup radius of a single omnidirectional microphone is 2m.

• Supports external active speakers or an amplifier.
• Supports conference software such as Teams, Zoom etc.
• 4x 2.4Ghz Wireless omnidirectional microphones
• Handheld microphone can be connected to the controller
• Dynamic Noise reduction processing
• 384ms Echo Cancellation, Full Duplex
• 360° omni-directional with 2m pickup



• Master:267*145*51mm
• Single mic:110*110*25mm

• Master:1044g
• Single mic:236g

• Business black
• B type USB interface 6.5mm audio jack
• 6.5mm handheld microphone interface
• Handheld microphone receiver charging port
• Hand-held microphone volume adjustment knob
• Antenna interface DC power interface

Wireless omnidirectional microphone
• Audio bandwidth is 100-16KHz
• Sensitivity: -38 dB
• 94dB [email protected]
• Signal to noise ratio: 65dB 94dB [email protected], A-weight

Power Supply
• Host power adapter: -12V2A
• Slave power adapter: -5V/500mA
• Supports wireless charging

Audio characteristics
• Digital audio processing 384ms echo cancellation technology
• Intelligent dynamic noise reduction
• Full duplex
• 360° pickup range
• The effective pickup radius is 2 meters (Single omnidirectional microphone)

Computer system required
• Windows 7 / Windows 10 / MacOS

Button on mics
• Microphone mute button Speaker mute button Volume up button Volume down button Slave switch button

Product performance standards
• YD/T 993-1998
• GB/T 9254-2008
• GB 4843.1-2011

Master LED light status
• Master red light is always on: under normal work
• The speaker status indicator on master is on in green: Under normal work
• The speaker status indicator light on master is on in red: Speaker mute

Slave mics LED light status
• Normal mode: the green light is always on
• Mute microphone: red light is always on
• Low power: the red light of the speaker flashes
• Volume adjustment: the mic green indicator flashes
• Not connected normally: the green light flashes

Environmental requirements
• Temperature: 5°~44°
• Humidity: 20~85% (no condensation)
• Noise level: <48db
• Storage temperature: -10°~55°



Technical Sheet

User Manual