SUH4T is an HDBaseT Splitter with 1x HDMI input and 4x HDBaseT with 1x HDMI local output. The HDMI output socket can be used to monitor local devices or cascade with an additional splitter.

SUH4T allows uncompressed 4K (max) HDMI, IR, and RS232 signals to be transmitted over a single CAT 5e/6/7 cable. It supports the transmission of 4K signals up to 40m and 1080p signal up to 60m. If required, use the HDMI Local output to cascade the HDMI signal up to 4 times with additional SUH4T. SUH4T is also capable of bi-directional IR control, RS232 control, EDID management, and PoC.

HDMI Twisted Pair PoC Receiver is recommended to utilize the full functionality of the HDBaseT outputs of this device.


Compliant with HDMI 1.4 &3D

Transmit 4K x 2K signal up to 40m and 1080p signal up to 60m

Support PoC

Supports bi-directional IR control and cascade control

Support RS232 control and cascade control

Real-time display of working status via LED indicators support EDID configuration, 5 types in total

Support cascading via HDMI OUT, IR Loop and RS232 Loop



User Manual