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Alfatron PA100W

The Alfatron ALF-PA100W is a compact-sized digital amplifier (Class-D) with 3 inputs (1 x L+R stereo audio, 1 x analogue audio, 1 x optical fibre audio).

It features switchable stereo 2 x 50 Watt @ 8 ohm or mono 1 x 100 Watt @ 4 ohm output and boasts complete EQ adjustment and intuitive work status display, making it an ideal addition to a classroom or conference room application.

Product Features

  • 3 Audio inputs: 1 x L+R stereo, 1 x analogue, 1 x optical fibre
  • Switchable stereo / mono output
  • Complete EQ management: including LINE, BASS, TREBLE
  • Easy adjustable volume via a rotary knob
  • Audio loop output
  • Intuitive LED indicators for the input source, control and volume setting
  • Controllable via RS232, IR, TCP/IP (optional), and Web-based GUI.
  • Power off memory

Additional information

Weight 0.72 kg
Dimensions 14.8 × 4.4 × 16.5 cm


Input  Output 

Input Signal 

1 x L+R stereo  audio  

1 x 3.5mm analogue audio

1 x Optical Fibre audio 


Output Signal 

1 x LOOP    

2 x Stereo audio / 1 Mono audio 



2 x RCA    

1 x 3.5mm TRS plug




1 x 3.5mm jack  

1 x 4-pin 5.08mm connector 

Input impedance  >10KΩ  Damping coefficient  >100 

Control Ports 

1x RS232 (3-pin pluggable terminal block)  

1x IR IN (3.5mm female)    

1x TCP/IP (RJ45 female, optional) 

Panel Control  Front panel buttons and rear panel switcher 
SNR  80dB  THD+ Noise  1%@1KHz 50W 
Separation  75dB 20Hz20KHz  Damping coefficient  100 
Voltage Gain  32dB  Output Power  [email protected]Ω / 2×[email protected]Ω 
Power Supply  DC 36V 2.66A  Power Consumption  1.48W 


0 ~ 50   Reference  


Dimensions (W*H*D)  148 x 44 x 165 mm  Weight  0.72kg 




Technical Sheet

User Manual

Download Image


1. Q – How many inputs does the ALF-PA100W support?
A – 3. 1 x RCA, 1 x 3.5mm jack and optical.

2. Q – Can I use this amplifier with a 100v system?
A – No, the amplifier is a low impedance amplifier. Please see our PA100V amplifier.

3. Q – What is the output of the amplifier?
A – 100 watts @ 4 ohm and 2 x 50 watts at 8 ohm.

4.Q – How do I control the amplifier?
A  – It is controllable via the IR remote control, RS232, and via the TCP/IP port.

5.Q – Am I able to loop this unit with another PA100W?
A – Yes, there is a loop out.