Alfatron-TPUK 70RS-Rx/Tx



The TPUK70-RS is an ultra-thin HDMI2.0 Extender consisting of a transmitter and a receiver. It extends 1080p/4K HDMI signal over CAT5e/CAT6a cable up to 70m /40m (PoC) and enables IR and RS232 pass-through to control source or display device remotely. It also adopts the visual lossless video compression technology (VLC) to ensure the HD lossless transmission of HDR and [email protected]/4:4:4 over CAT5e/CAT6a cable.


Supports 4K/UHD/60Hz/4:4:4.

Supports HDMI2.0 & HDCP2.2 and is backward compatible with the previous versions.

The maximum transmission distance is up to 40m for 4Kx2K and 70m for 1080p.

Supports CEC, IR, and RS232 pass-through for long-distance control.

Supports bi-directional PoC for simplified wiring.

Supports HDR.

Features DIP switch for choosing mode from Control, Update A, Update B.