Alfatron CMW104



The ALF-CMW104 includes a wireless audio receiver and four omnidirectional wireless microphone pods. The wireless receiver is connected to a computer’s USB port and has a stereo mini-jack audio output, which can be connected to active speakers or an amplifier. It is widely used in medium to large meeting rooms, Boardrooms, Conference venues and training facilities.

Alfatron conference phone tech:
1) 2nd audio processing tech
2) Wireless digital technology, which supports multi-frequency intelligent frequency hopping, strong anti-jamming
3) Digital microphone, broadband loudspeaker, audio enhancement
4) Built-in battery , smart power saving mode with simple USB charging
5) Wireless USB requires no driver, and supports operating systems such as WINDOWS


  •  Active loudspeaker with a 6.5mm audio connection, the conversational voice is clearer and
    louder, so that every speech can be heard.
  • Online real time communication – USB connect to computer, supporting computer software audio such as Skype, Zoom and other online
    communication software.
  • Mobile wireless omnidirectional microphone Based on the 2.4 GHz wireless connection, the full microphone is portable and the sound picking effect
    is excellent, which facilitates the speech of each participant.
  • Audio High-tech- 360-degree mic coverage, 256ms acoustic echo cancellation, Full duplex, Dynamic Noise Reduction(DNR).
  • Optional audio plug – According to the audio input socket, type of the active speaker device, suitable RCA lotus plug or 6.5 mm
    (male) / 3.5mm (female) audio  adapter can be selected.