Alfatron MMX1616-N


Alfatron MMX1616 -N

  • Modular matrix switcher cage 16×16 at 3U high
  • RS232
  • Button & optional TCP/IP control
  • Backlit buttons
  • Redundant power supply.
  • INPUTS 4 x MMX Cards
  • OUTPUTS 4 x MMX Cards
  • RS-232
  • Audio break-away switching
  • TCP/IP Controlling

Combinations of the following cards can be used to create your unique Matrix Switch:

MMX Input cards for Modular matrix switchers

ALF-MMX-4I-UH     4x HDMI Inputs max 4K
ALF-MMX-4I-UHS   4x Seamless HDMI Inputs max 1080P
ALF-MMX-4I-VA      4x VGA inputs
ALF-MMX-4I-BT      4x HDMI HDBT (CAT6) Inputs – Excludes Transmitter. Requires TPUHD70-T

MMX Output cards for modular matrix switchers

ALF-MMX-4O-UHS     4x Seamless HDMI output max 1080P
ALF-MMX-4O-UH       4x HDMI Outputs max 4K
ALF-MMX-4O-VG       4x VGA Outputs
ALF-MMX-4O-BT       4x HDMI HDBT (CAT6) Outputs -Excludes Receiver. Requires TPUHD70-R