FMX12 is a high-performance seamlessly AV modular matrix switcher providing 12 flexible PCIE slots for single VGA/ DVI/ HDBaseT input/ output cards. With its advanced modularization design, FMX12 can make up a 11×1~1×11 matrix of HDMI, DVI, HDBaseT, VGA or their any combinations (count with one). All the cards support plug-and-play. It supports different video signals with seamless cross switching. Every video or audio signal is transmitted and switched independently to decrease signal attenuation. The switcher can handle all the audiovisual management, including the switching, driving, scaling etc.

Combinations of the following cards can be used to create your unique Matrix Switch:

FMX Input cards for Modular matrix switchers

ALFMMX-IDV                         1x FMX Seamless DVI input max 1080p
ALFMMX-IHD                        1x FMX Seamless HDMI Inputs max 1080p
ALFMMX-SDI                         1x FMX Seamless SDI Inputs max 1080p
ALFMMX-ITP                         1x FMX Seamless HDBT Inputs max 1080P
ALFMMX-IVG                        1x FMX Seamless VGA Inputs max 1080p

FMX Output cards for Modular matrix switchers

ALFATRON FMX-ODV       1x FMX seamless DVI output max 1080P
ALFATRON FMX-OHD       1x FMX seamless HDMI output max 1080P
ALFATRON FMX- 4K          1x FMX seamless 4K input or output
ALFFMX-OTP                        1x FMX seamless HDBT output max 1080P
ALFFMX-OVG                       1x FMX seamless VGA output max 1080P